Honey and Goat's Milk Artisan Soap

All soaps contain raw Pennsylvania Wildflower honey and pure Goat's Milk


Our special artisan soaps are handmade using a cold process method.

Each bar weighs approximately 4 ounces.  Soaps with embeds or toppings weigh more.

Due to being handmade each bar is unique and may vary slightly from what is pictured and in weight.

Note: Local customers please use the order form, not the shopping cart.

FOR WHOLESALE PRICING PLEASE CALL: 610-916-1433 OR EMAIL:  orders@americanafarm.com


sold out


Fragrance is a bright lemon scent
Real Lemon peel is  in this soap.

Dragon's Blood 

sold out

A perfect blend of patchouli, amber, incense, and vanilla intertwined with notes of citrus and light floral notes. 


available 4/4


Lavender fragrance


Available 4/4

Eucalyptus and Mint scent


Eucalyptus and Mint Scent

Let It Bee

Available 6/3


Bergamot and Honey Fragrance

Custom Party Favors

Color and scent can be customized to match your event
Price varies based on quantity and colors
Email for details

Due to our Artisian soaps needing a length of time to cure, they will be listed with an availability date.  They are available for pre-order.  If there is no availablity date listed they are already cured and ready to ship.

Prices are per bar.  Prices for loafs are available upon request.